Saturday, February 22, 2020

History and culture

Liguria has plenty to offer away from the coast too. We can confidently state that the hinterland offers genuine treasures of art and architecture, as well as magnificent nature, ranging from Mediterranean maquis to Alpine vegetation.

In this area we'd like to point out the classic routes, but also some of the lesser-known ones, which often give visitors unexpected glimpses of the landscape. Medieval villages, caves and Alpine foothills a stone's throw from the sea; an excursion inland is more than a valid alternative to the beach in summer, but also another reason to visit Liguria "off season".


A magical trip inland in search of ancient medieval villages

In the province of Imperia - behind Sanremo, to be exact - there's a route that links several small villages which cling to the hills of the Ligurian Alpine foothills. These are ancient villages dating back to the Middle Ages, well-preserved and with more than a few surprises in store for visitors. Nature and history combine in a fascinating and timeless mixture.

The route we recommend starts halfway along the road between Arma di Taggia and Sanremo, on the coast, and heads inland; an honourable mention goes to Bussana Vecchia, an ancient village abandoned in the late nineteenth century due to a devastating earthquake, but which in recent decades has been brought back to life by a colony of artists who have taken up residence there.

Continuing the route you'll pass through Ceriana, Baiardo, Apricale, Perinaldo and the lovely village of Dolceacqua.
Before returning to the coast between Bordighera and Ventimiglia, take an obligatory pause at the picturesque Principality of Seborga.

Travellers seeking to erase the fatigue of the excursion in one fell swoop can take advantage of the relaxing thermal baths at Pigna.